Sarah Jo was with me for my delivery on May 16. I haven’t written a review yet because I wanted to take time to really try to paint a picture of how amazing she is.

My water spontaneously broke at 37 weeks, the day she went on call! I was nervous and emotional because my 2 year old baby wasn’t going to be my baby anymore! ( 3 weeks early!) Sarah Jo came and never left my side.

The medical team kept throwing around the word pitocin but I knew if I wanted a natural, empowering delivery- I needed to avoid that if at all possible. Sarah Jo worked with me for hours on techniques to help dilate me- we walked, did lunges- she helped me relax (rubbed my feet!) while I used a breast pump and I started progressing nicely!

Her coaching was pivotal at crunch time during the transition phase of labor when “I couldn’t take anymore!” , she assured me I was doing great and it would soon be over and I would have my baby boy in my arms, and she was right.

She was both a soothing comfort and an educated advocate. Her personality was never intrusive but always able to anticipate my every need. During my worst pain, I remember her being there doing hip presses (man, those felt good!) in whatever position I was in. She would do whatever it took, I was her priority.

She will always have a special place in my heart. I truly believe because of her I was able
To have the delivery I wanted. A delivery that caused a “birth high” for days, and I still smile at the thought of how beautiful it was. Even if my goal wasn’t to have an un medicated birth, her support is immeasurable. Her knowledge really helps support you as you make decisions about your labor and delivery. As a nurse myself, I know nurses get busy. My nurses were in the room to check dilation and that was basically it (besides delivery). When I say she coached me through the whole process, I mean it!

Also, these postpartum hours are a tremendous help! She has cooked dinner twice, cleaned (including my stove- no one likes doing that!) spent time with my toddler when I was tending to baby, helped me wean from a nipple shield, and just been a listening ear. Being at home all day with a newborn and a toddler can be isolating, it’s great to have someone checking in on you.

If we ever have another child, without a doubt I will have her there with me. Husbands are great! But there is something about having a woman who has been through it before there by your side, telling you “you are so strong, you are doing great Mama!”